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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

When I began thinking of the idea of traveling alone for fun and on a whim, my former boss told me something he and his friends do every time they’re in Vegas. From the moment they enter the airport departing, they have to stop at every bar they come across and have a drink. And they do this until they get to their hotel rooms. So every time they walk past a bar on the way through the airport, walking through their hotel—they drink. It was more of a challenge for me to do the same on my trips. 

As we have all come to know, when it comes down to it, my trips tend to revolve around drinking. How many breweries or bars can I squeeze in during my trip? Denver was seriously a 48 hour beer diet. I mean, duh. The Bacon and Beer Classic was at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. And it was Denver. And this is me we’re talking about. So what else would you expect? (For the record, no, I am not a Bronco fan. Go Pack Go!) But I love bar hopping while I’m travelling; that’s where you get to meet some of the coolest people with the best stories. Like I’ve said previously, my trips revolve around my drinking schedule and how many places I have on my list. So here’s a list of some of my favorite places thus far that you should definitely stop, find a place at the bar, and grab a drink if you find yourself in the area.

Denver, CO
The Great Divide
Typical dive bar atmosphere which I’m such a fan of, but it’s also a brewery. I love dive bars; I think they’re so fun. I stopped in here on my way to the Dodgers/Rockies game and I got their Hercules, which was a recommendation. Nothing like a beer with 10% ABV to continue the day drinking binge.

This is where Blue Moon was created and it’s inside Coors Field. And honestly, what is better than one of your go to beers inside a baseball stadium? Answer is nothing. Nothing at all.

Chicago, IL
The Aviary
A little on the boujee side but this is why I love it. I’m an old fashioned kind of girl so I ordered their take on the old fashioned- "In the Rocks". The presentation was both fun and exciting- like a kid’s dream. It was presented with a slingshot because the old fashioned is inside an ice sphere and you have to use the slingshot to break open the ice ball to get to your very well made cocktail.

Milwaukee, WI
Ale Asylum
I stopped in here before heading to Miller Park on a Saturday afternoon and it was fairly mellow. Located right on the river walk and it had a very cool vibe. And all their drinks had a gothic twist to their names like Venom and Ambergeddon.

Boston, MA
Cheers Bar
I’ve never seen Cheers before, but the atmosphere was so fun- I can only imagine how much of a hoot the bar in the TV show is. Oh, and sitting in Frasier’s chair was cool too, I guess.

Green Dragon Tavern
Along the Freedom Trail, so of course this would be one of my favorites. I mean, the Boston Tea Party was said to have been planned here! Enough said.

Oh, and this sign is too good. "Live a good life. And in the end, it's not the years in a life, it's the life in the years."

Bleacher Bar
A bar under the bleachers of Fenway. Again, baseball and beer. You cannot go wrong. If you get there early enough, you can score the few seats up against the gate of the center field wall and watch the game from the view inside the bar. Such a lively crew in that bar during a game. A definite go to. For sure.

And so the journey continues...


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