Let's Taco Bout It

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Doesn’t it feel like it’s national “whatever” day, like every single day? Well today is no different. However, today is a worthy one because it’s National Taco Day!

Told you it was a worthy one. And I love tacos. I guess it’s pretty fitting that I sell tacos for a living. *Kanye shrug* But c’mon now- who doesn’t love tacos? That’s a trick question.

Aside from tacos in general, I love fish tacos in particular. But being the picky eater that I am, you guessed it- I’m picky about my fish tacos. “No white sauce” I always say. And I get looked at like I’m crazy. Could be because they don’t understand how I don’t like whatever the white sauce is. Or because I sound so white when asking for the “no white sauce”. 

During my adventures, I have found some of the best fish tacos. I don’t typically take pictures of my food (which I’m learning to do more of since starting this blog) but I did capture these. Perfection. And these tacos were equally delicious as the pitcher of sangria that complimented them. The view and the company wasn’t all that bad either. With the view of New York and New Jersey, all while on a boat on the Hudson- how could you go wrong? The Frying Pan is where it’s at. Cue the New York withdrawals....


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