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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Summerfest 2017- Milwaukee, WI

A question I get asked frequently is, "how do you manage to take so much time off from work?" Well, for starters, my work is great; they truly value work/life balance. I’m also pretty lucky that I get to travel a bit for work. But as far as my dart throwing adventures go, I typically make them just weekend trips. Quick, jam packed trips. No time to rest, really. 

Depending on where I am going and how long my flight is to get there, I’ll typically fly out early on a Friday morning. But if I’m heading to the east coast and times don't quite align with my schedule while I'm in my new city, then I’d look into taking a red eye out on a Thursday. Before booking anything, I always jot down all the things I want to see and do including places to eat and drink so I can figure out the flight situation. It pretty much comes down to how many breweries or bars I have on my list... let's be honest. 

It’s all about making the most of your time- there’s no time to waste! If I do book a red eye, I will literally hop off the plane in the am and jet to my hotel to drop my things off, all so I can hit the ground running and explore. Explore the new city all while functioning off an of hour sleep. I’m not sure how I manage to do so because your girl loves her sleep! People say it's because I'm young, "Oh to be young again," they say. But I think it’s the adrenaline of all the adventure that awaits for me in a new city. 

When deciding on a red eye flight or an afternoon flight or a whenever flight, it’s all about knowing your body. I can go to the airport straight from a full work day and hop on a red eye, get little to no sleep, and be completely fine the very next day. But for others, maybe that's not their thing. Their bodies may not like that. I'm sure mine doesn't either, but I think it's accepting of my wild and erratic decisions I've made this far. It kind of has no choice!

The personal downfall of a red eye is that I can't sleep on planes. I may doze off 20 minutes here or there. But I just can’t sleep. It goes back to my anxiety of not trusting the people on the plane. 

One tip for all you travelers: plan accordingly! Planning is huge. Plan out your trip prior to booking anything. But remember, don’t overexert yourself. The worst thing that can happen is that you're so tired you can't even function after a red eye. But what's even more worse? Picture being in a new city and not knowing anyone. It's 7am. And you can't even check in to your hotel until 3pm. Tragic.


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