Friday, December 28, 2018

*cue Christina Aguilera's "Reflection"*

I've been MIA for some time now because of all the holiday chaos. But in the spirit of the holidays, I have so much to reflect on. 2018 had the highest of highs, and lowest of lows. But that's what makes each day a blessing; one day at a time. And at the end of the day, I have so much to be thankful for. I'm thankful for having a great job that allows me to travel and see new places and allows me to be the free spirit I am and understands me when I just need to get away and jump on a plane. I'm thankful for every materialistic item I have in my life and I'm so thankful for the simple luxuries in life that some are not as fortunate to have. I'm thankful for my health because without it, well, I wouldn't be able to do all the things I'm able to. I should be nicer to myself though and not feed my anxiety. But hey... baby steps. I'm thankful for my drive and hustle of a work ethic because not only does it come in handy when you're in a city by your lonesome, it allows me to get to those cities and travel solo. Most importantly, I'm thankful for my family. Those I would drop anything and everything for to do anything and everything for. 

As I look ahead, 2019 is already going to be something else. So let's get the map and darts ready. I see you, 2019, and you're looking like a good time! 

Fall Classic

Monday, October 29, 2018

We did it! We made it back to the World Series. I went to game three and of course I stayed to the very end. There was no way I was going to leave. Longest WS game ever, but it was worth it watching that Muncy walk off. However, we all know the result of the series so I won't even begin to talk about my sadness. Fall Classic... more like Fall Sadness. But you know what, we made it and what an incredible year it was. So let's just remember the good times and accept the not so good times. Sigh. I'll be reminiscing over some of these pictures until Spring Training. How many days until Opening Day?

NLCS Game Three

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Alright, let’s be honest here. I may be the Dodger’s good luck charm. But apparently, only when they are playing on the road. Game three. We’re back in LA after tying the series in Milwaukee. We got this, right? We’re back in LA. Stadium will be electric with roars of cheering fans and chants of "Let's go Dodgers!" But no. Apparently there were other plans and we left shut out. Milwaukee taking the lead in the series. 

Game 162

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

162. Ohhh what a season it has been. Was there opening day for game 1, and here we are, at the last game of the regular season. First pitch was at noon. Second time this season at AT&T Park and it is seriously such a nice stadium. I love walking around the outfield and just seeing all of the views of the stadium (in my Dodger Blue of course). Duh. I was told the crab sandwich out in center field was a must try. And it did not disappoint. I was a little skeptic to try it, not gonna lie. But it lived up to its hype. Explored all the memorabilia which was neat from a baseball fan perspective. Went down to the vault and saw more of the more valuable and prized memorabilia. From the vault, I was actually able to walk the tunnels back to my seat. I sat in the Dugout Box right behind home plate. Great seats. Awkward at times but it was a lot of fun. And though I look like I was not amused, I swear I just have a serious case of RBF. I was very happy to be there! (See photo below. LOL)

San Francisco Redemption Tour

Monday, October 1, 2018

Quick trip to San Francisco for a little personal redemption. I was going to be in Portland for work the following Monday so I thought, “Hey. Why not pit stop in SF the weekend prior then go straight to Portland?” After all, it was the last regular season series. Dodgers were in town taking on the Giants. A lot was on the line… had to win these three to have a chance at winning the division. (Which, spoiler alert. We did. Only took a 163rd game. But we won the division for the 6th season in a row!)

Anyways, back to San Francisco. I tried to get all touristy and hit up everything I wanted to see that we didn’t have time for back in April. There’s just so much in San Francisco. I got to my hotel and my room wasn’t ready yet so I had to leave my bag there and just hit the ground running. My list of things to do started at a brewery… obviously. 21st Amendment brewery was where I ended up upon landing around noon. The game was on in the brewery but I didn’t realize I stayed as long as I did until I noticed it was already the 8th inning. Welp. So much for all the touristy stuff I wanted to hit up. 


Tuesday, August 21, 2018

It’s been a while since I’ve thrown my dart. My Miami trip was a trip I chose. My dart didn’t choose it for me. I chose it. And I’d choose it everyday after that too. (As you can tell, I still haven’t gotten over Miami.) Anyways… I haven’t thrown a dart in quite some time. Things come up. Work travels happen. And then before you know, it’s pretty much September! Where has this year gone? For real though? This is a serious question. How is it already September? Well it is. The only good thing about it being September is that we are closer to October baseball! And I’m looking at you Dodgers. Finish strong!

Ballpark Count Updated

Monday, June 25, 2018

I just updated my ballpark tours map to add a star on both AT&T Park in San Francisco and Marlin's Park down in the 305. Both were beautiful ballparks with their unique touches to make them one of a kind.

Also, fans at AT&T were really nice to us Dodger fans. Granted, we were first row on the first baseline. So maybe that had something to do with it. Also, AT&T had the best beer! They had Mango Blue Moon on tap. Helllllooooo? Yes, please! Although, there were three of us and we each had at least 8 beers the entire game. We were going for one an inning. Took turns on beer runs though so didn’t miss much of the game.

And then there’s Marlin’s Park. It was so sad at how empty the ballpark was. The boycott is real. It’s a really pretty stadium and the Clevelander after the game was fun too. No Marlin’s Man sighting... But Jeter wasn’t sitting too far from me.

All in all, both ballparks were very cool and I’m glad I was able to check them off. On to the next! Let’s see which one it is...

Miami, you have my heart

Friday, May 25, 2018

I haven't thrown a dart in awhile. Since Dallas, actually. But I've been dying to go to Miami for a long time now. So I put off another dart trip to get this Miami trip in. And I'm so glad I did. You know how when you're vacationing and you get to your final day on vacation and you're just kind of ready to be home already? Like, you're just ready to back to your normal days and back to your routine? Ya, well, that is NOT how I felt this time. I'm still not ready to be home. I wish I was still in Miami. Everyday. The weather was my favorite. Overcast, but really warm. Then it would rain randomly and then clear up. It was like me- quite unpredictable. Well, unpredictable to me at least. I'm sure the locals knew what was coming.

Big Reputation

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Coming in real hot from a week in Miami (post will be up soon!) but Taylor Swift was EVERYTHING! I'm always hesitant to go to anything at the Rose Bowl because the parking is... how should I put this... awful. You have to park on a golf course which I find extremely odd. I always do preferred parking whenever I go to a concert because my sanity is worth the price of preferred parking. I once sat in the parking lot of Qualcomm after a One Direction concert for over two hours. Never again do I do general parking after that. The long wait to get out of the parking lot always kills the concert buzz!

Anyways.. back to T Swift. This was the first time seeing her live and she did not disappoint. Huge snakes soaring up to the sky. Kobe Bryant sitting a couple sections over. Wiz Khalifa and his adorable son sitting not too far from us either. A Taylor Swift concert is definitely the place to be. And she made sure of it- she sang every song you wanted her to. The energy was electric the entire time- never did the energy let up. Charli XCX and Camila Cabello both opened for her. And they were both good. They set the mood and got the crowd ready. Taylor is also known to bring out some guests during her show. And this was no exception- she brought out Troye Sivan and Selena Gomez and of course the crowd of 60 thousand screaming fans went wild.

I just want to relive this concert all over again. PS... one of the concessions were selling "Buzz Boxes" and they were amazing! Long Island all the way. But no joke, they were delicious and the perfect adult juice box. I even got carded (*hair flip).


San Fran Road Trip

Monday, April 30, 2018

It's been a while since I've been to San Francisco. It's not that far from me- about 5 hours north or so. So why has it been over 20 years since I've visited? There's something about the Bay area. It's got a cozy vibe to it. And that's what this weekend was... just pretty laid back. Well, minus the "The Hangover" movie reenactment. But it was a fun-filled weekend with some pretty cool people.

And the Dodgers happened to be in town, so naturally, we had to catch a game at AT&T Park. And that stadium is gorgeous! They also sold THE best beer... Blue Moon Mango! (Okay, maybe not the best, but it is really delicious.) Seriously, if you haven't tried it. You need to. After about 8 of those at the game (alone) it helped drown our sorrows of the loss. The older lady at the beer stand was also THE best. And you know what, there was never any heckling with us wearing Dodgers gear either. Giants fans were all very cordial and rather nice. We were sitting in the first row along the first base side, so maybe that's why... but still, we never encountered any mean fans. The rivalry may be real, but the fans were very nice.

(Second) Best Day Of The Year

Friday, March 30, 2018

My favorite is 4th of July. Hands down. But the very close second, is definitely Opening Day! Cheers to a winning season, Dodger Fans!!

New York. I Love You. And I Miss You.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

My dart really needs to take me back to New York… like soon. I've only been twice and I seriously need to go again. I came across a few photos the other day and just instantly missed it. There's still so many things I want to do when I'm there, like go to Coney Island, walk around Wall Street when the Stock Market is open, Statue of Liberty, and bar hop and go to as many speakeasy's I can. And obviously go to another baseball game, or two. Oh, how I miss it. But as a reflect, here are my favorite things and must do things while in New York. And as I look back on both trips, I get sad because I'm not in New York.

1.      Ground Zero. So unbelievably moving. I highly recommend you visit and reflect. Also, visit the museum and go to the top of the One World Trade Center. 102 floors up. 

2.      Walk the Brooklyn Bridge. I know, how cliché? But seriously. Walk the bridge and then there’s a little treat at the end. After walking the entire Bridge, you have to go to Grimaldi’s. Seriously, it was the BEST pizza I have ever had. It’s located kind of right next to/underneath the bridge. You have to get there early though. Get there before they open because I guarantee, there will still be a line! Cash only. But don’t worry- if you forget to bring cash like I did, they have an ATM. Side note- how did I forget to bring cash? I'm Italian... Italians always have cash on them! But anyways. Go! You will not regret going here! 

3.     Take the subway to the Bronx or to Queens and catch a baseball game (if it's season, obviously). I mean, c’mon now. You all know me by now and my obsession with America’s pastime. How could catching a ballgame NOT be on the list? Do it. And thank me later. The subway drops you off at the gates of either Yankee Stadium or Citi Field, literally. Hop on and you're there. There's no excuse.

4.     Walk around Times Square. People watch and take in all the lights and noise and nonsense. There’s nothing like the hustle and bustle. Catch a Broadway play while you're up that way too. I've only seen Jersey Boys on Broadway and it was amazing. I may be biased because it's my favorite, though.

5.     Lastly, you have to go to Little Italy. So cute and fun. Really good cannoli too! :) 


What are some of your must do things while in New York? I would love to know so I can add to my list! 


16 Hours in Vegas

Monday, February 5, 2018

Coming in REAL hot the day after The Killers concert.

1:40am- Got home from The Killers concert
2:45am- Fell asleep
6am- Alarm goes off
6:30am- Wake up (more like jump out of bed because I was late)
7:30am- Leave for work
8:45am- Get to work (thankfully it was Friday and traffic was rather light)
12:20pm- Leave for the airport
Panic Attack about flying (no joke, tears rolling down face, heavy breathing, did not want to go. Called my mama to talk me down.)
1:05pm- Park my car at my brother's in Long Beach
Order Uber
1:35pm- Arrive at Long Beach Airport and print boarding pass (I like printed passes)
1:45pm- Get through Security and sitting at a table at Boathouse on the Bay eating coconut shrimp and drinking a double Makers Mark and Ginger Ale (because, duh.)
2:25pm- Board plane and wipe down everything around me with Purell wipes
3:55pm- Take Off

4:10pm- Land in Vegas
4:30pm- Arrive at hotel (wipe down entire room with Purell wipes) and meet up with my parents
5:30pm- Leave hotel and go to the T-Mobile Arena
8pm- George Strait Concert
11:45pm- Concert ends
12:05am- Back at hotel and eating
1:25am- Back in hotel room to pack and get ready for bed
2:45am- Go to sleep and set alarm
5:00am- Alarm goes off
5:10am- The time I actually get up
5:55am- Walk down to lobby and order uber
6:30am- Arrive at McCarran Airport
6:35am- Print boarding pass (I'm really weird because I like to have a printed boarding passes just in case)
6:50am- Get through security (fastest ever for me leaving Vegas!)
7:05am- Starbucks
People Watch all the walk of shames leaving Vegas and all the other no sleepers
8:10am- Board plane (Purell wipes... again)
8:45am- Take off
9:55am- Land back at Long Beach Airport
10:05am- Brother picks me up so I can get my car from his place
11:30am- Home to sleep!

George Strait was great. Second time seeing him. I was so tired that I had to get a coffee at the concert (decaf) but still... WTF?! Seriously the first concert (being over 21) that I never got a beer. All in all, it was a fun whirlwind. Oh ya, and boo in regards to the Superbowl. Was hoping Brady would get #6! Even George was rooting for the Pats.


Wonderful Wonderful

Friday, February 2, 2018

Every morning of 10th grade I would wake up to “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers. My little blue cd player that was also an alarm clock would go off every morning, blasting. Saying I LOVED that song would be a total understatement. It was the best song to wake up to and get your day started. I still love that song, dearly. I still listen to it on the regular and every time I hear it, it just takes me back. Rock out in the car, rock out at a wedding, rock out EVERYWHERE. I've listened to Hot Fuss prior to their performance, but ever since the VMA’s that year of going into 10th grade- I believe they were in Miami that year. But The Killers performed. I still remember Hilary Duff presenting them. She was dating Joel Madden and I remember her saying something like “this is my boyfriend’s favorite band…the murderers”. Obviously, it was sarcasm. But totally remember and think about that all the time. I think they were performing near a pool, even? Why do I remember this so well?! So weird the things that you remember. And all the memories rush back in too. 

Anyways. As you may know. They’re on tour! So I obviously had to go. Good venue. Great company. Amazing show- I didn't want it to end! (PS. Brandon Flower's gold suit during the encore was altered in all the right places.)

48 Hours in Dallas

Saturday, January 20, 2018

They say everything’s bigger in Texas. And sure, I suppose that’s the case. I've never been to Texas. Well, if you count layovers at DFW, then I guess ya. Technically I've been to Texas. But I haven't been to Texas. This was my first trip of the new year. First dart thrown to get this year going. Me having taken full advantage of the three day weekend last week was perfect. Left super early Saturday morning and came back home Monday night. Just enough time to get almost everything in. So here is my 48 hours breakdown while in Dallas.

I landed at Love Field Airport at 11:20am on Saturday and was welcomed with high 30/low 40 degree weather. Glad I left the SoCal 80’s. Don’t matter. I was ready to take on the day. I still surprise myself when I travel because I find it that sleep is not really needed. I was up at 3:45am (okay snoozed once or twice, so like 4:10) on Saturday because my plane boarded at 5:45. Upon getting a window seat, wiping down my seat, seat in front of me, side of the plane- literally everything around me with anti-bacterial wipes, I grab my iPad come to find out my movies have mysteriously disappeared. Fabulous. The entire flight I played Roll the Ball- a game my nephew downloaded on my phone. To my surprise, I was pleasantly distracted between that and my music. And ya, one drink may have helped. Thanks, Southwest for the free drink vouchers. You'da best. 

Anyways. It’s 11:20 now. And I’m in Dallas. Jet to the hotel, check in early, and begin exploring. First stop was Dugg Burger. Good burger and creative experience with the bun “dugg” out and an even better bread pudding. I’ve always been scared to try bread pudding because I always thought it was pudding texture. But I was sure wrong. It was delicious. A must if in the area. Very lively and fun inside as well and the crew was awesome. 

Head back to hotel. Gym. Get ready. Lobby bar. Dallas Stars and Colorado Avalanche hockey game. I haven’t been to a hockey game in forever so I didn’t quite know what to expect. Now, I don’t follow hockey closely. I hardly follow it, actually. I had no idea the Dallas Stars were shamrock green. And I unintentionally wearing the opposing team colors. Cool. Surrounded by a sea of green. At least I was sitting behind the visitor's bench so it wasn’t that awkward. Few beers and 4 goals later, the Avalanche defeat the Stars. Back to the hotel to finally sleep because I knew Sunday was going to be packed and I felt like my tiredness was starting to creep up on me slowly.

Wake up. Gym. Get ready. Bounce. First stop on the list was walking to Dealey Plaza. On the way, stopped at the JFK memorial. As I arrive at Dealey Plaza, it was incredible to see X’s in the street where JFK was shot. Quite moving and eerie. More incredible to see people dodging cars so they can get a picture of themselves on one of the two X’s. The Sixth Floor Museum was super interesting and highly recommend if you’re ever Dallas. So much history and so educational of what happened that fatal day. You walk through what was the Texas School Book Depository and listen to a headset as you walk through and look at pictures and videos that lead up to that moment and after.

After spending nearly 2.5 hours in the museum and at Dealey Plaza, I began the trek to the George W. Bush Presidential Library. Of all the things I did in Dallas, this was probably my favorite. I’m such a sucker for history, and I absolutely love Presidential history. Regardless of your feelings towards Bush, you have got to see his library. Again, very educational and everything was just so neat. I love Presidential Libraries. One thing on my bucket list is to see all of them. Four down. 

After spending another good 2-2.5 hours at the Library, I made my way to the Reunion Tower to see the view 470 feet up. Now, I do recommend doing this as well, but let’s be honest. Paid, I think $16 to get to the top. And was probably there for a solid 10 minutes or so. The view was breathtaking, but not much more than that. I feel like it’s more of a gimmick and an easy tourist trap. But hey! It got me, right! The sunset was really pretty, though- that I will admit.

Sun sets. I’m starving and thirsty. Hit up a couple bars and head back to my hotel for a more relaxing and early night in. 

It's Monday morning already. Get up. Gym. Get ready. Pack. Leave. I set out to Starbucks (because obviously). I always pick up their “You Are Here” mugs whenever I travel. So I grabbed one. Stumbled across this giant, very realistic eyeball sculpture in the middle of the city. Such an eye-sore... right? 

Then I headed to Deep Ellum which was so cute and fun. I wish I spent an entire day here. The bars, breweries, and art were very fun. I was able to spend a little bit of time Monday, but felt rushed to make it back to the airport on time. Came across the Traveling Man art sculptures which reminded me more of War of the Worlds. But they looked happy and were cute. There’s also a super cute place called STIRR in Deep Ellum and would suggest you add this to your list if you’re in the area. Great spot for drinks and lunch. 

After leaving STIRR, it was back to the hotel to grab my stuff and back to Love Field I go. Had a drink at a bar in the terminal and away I went on my plane back home. Layover in Phoenix. Then back on the plane I went until I landed home. I feel like I didn't do nearly as much stuff in Dallas as I typically do when I travel somewhere. This was a much more relaxed and laid back trip, for sure. But it was still a fun, quick getaway. Until next trip....

PS- I've totally neglected my blog. And promise to change that. 
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