New York. I Love You. And I Miss You.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

My dart really needs to take me back to New York… like soon. I've only been twice and I seriously need to go again. I came across a few photos the other day and just instantly missed it. There's still so many things I want to do when I'm there, like go to Coney Island, walk around Wall Street when the Stock Market is open, Statue of Liberty, and bar hop and go to as many speakeasy's I can. And obviously go to another baseball game, or two. Oh, how I miss it. But as a reflect, here are my favorite things and must do things while in New York. And as I look back on both trips, I get sad because I'm not in New York.

1.      Ground Zero. So unbelievably moving. I highly recommend you visit and reflect. Also, visit the museum and go to the top of the One World Trade Center. 102 floors up. 

2.      Walk the Brooklyn Bridge. I know, how cliché? But seriously. Walk the bridge and then there’s a little treat at the end. After walking the entire Bridge, you have to go to Grimaldi’s. Seriously, it was the BEST pizza I have ever had. It’s located kind of right next to/underneath the bridge. You have to get there early though. Get there before they open because I guarantee, there will still be a line! Cash only. But don’t worry- if you forget to bring cash like I did, they have an ATM. Side note- how did I forget to bring cash? I'm Italian... Italians always have cash on them! But anyways. Go! You will not regret going here! 

3.     Take the subway to the Bronx or to Queens and catch a baseball game (if it's season, obviously). I mean, c’mon now. You all know me by now and my obsession with America’s pastime. How could catching a ballgame NOT be on the list? Do it. And thank me later. The subway drops you off at the gates of either Yankee Stadium or Citi Field, literally. Hop on and you're there. There's no excuse.

4.     Walk around Times Square. People watch and take in all the lights and noise and nonsense. There’s nothing like the hustle and bustle. Catch a Broadway play while you're up that way too. I've only seen Jersey Boys on Broadway and it was amazing. I may be biased because it's my favorite, though.

5.     Lastly, you have to go to Little Italy. So cute and fun. Really good cannoli too! :) 


What are some of your must do things while in New York? I would love to know so I can add to my list! 


16 Hours in Vegas

Monday, February 5, 2018

Coming in REAL hot the day after The Killers concert.

1:40am- Got home from The Killers concert
2:45am- Fell asleep
6am- Alarm goes off
6:30am- Wake up (more like jump out of bed because I was late)
7:30am- Leave for work
8:45am- Get to work (thankfully it was Friday and traffic was rather light)
12:20pm- Leave for the airport
Panic Attack about flying (no joke, tears rolling down face, heavy breathing, did not want to go. Called my mama to talk me down.)
1:05pm- Park my car at my brother's in Long Beach
Order Uber
1:35pm- Arrive at Long Beach Airport and print boarding pass (I like printed passes)
1:45pm- Get through Security and sitting at a table at Boathouse on the Bay eating coconut shrimp and drinking a double Makers Mark and Ginger Ale (because, duh.)
2:25pm- Board plane and wipe down everything around me with Purell wipes
3:55pm- Take Off

4:10pm- Land in Vegas
4:30pm- Arrive at hotel (wipe down entire room with Purell wipes) and meet up with my parents
5:30pm- Leave hotel and go to the T-Mobile Arena
8pm- George Strait Concert
11:45pm- Concert ends
12:05am- Back at hotel and eating
1:25am- Back in hotel room to pack and get ready for bed
2:45am- Go to sleep and set alarm
5:00am- Alarm goes off
5:10am- The time I actually get up
5:55am- Walk down to lobby and order uber
6:30am- Arrive at McCarran Airport
6:35am- Print boarding pass (I'm really weird because I like to have a printed boarding passes just in case)
6:50am- Get through security (fastest ever for me leaving Vegas!)
7:05am- Starbucks
People Watch all the walk of shames leaving Vegas and all the other no sleepers
8:10am- Board plane (Purell wipes... again)
8:45am- Take off
9:55am- Land back at Long Beach Airport
10:05am- Brother picks me up so I can get my car from his place
11:30am- Home to sleep!

George Strait was great. Second time seeing him. I was so tired that I had to get a coffee at the concert (decaf) but still... WTF?! Seriously the first concert (being over 21) that I never got a beer. All in all, it was a fun whirlwind. Oh ya, and boo in regards to the Superbowl. Was hoping Brady would get #6! Even George was rooting for the Pats.


Wonderful Wonderful

Friday, February 2, 2018

Every morning of 10th grade I would wake up to “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers. My little blue cd player that was also an alarm clock would go off every morning, blasting. Saying I LOVED that song would be a total understatement. It was the best song to wake up to and get your day started. I still love that song, dearly. I still listen to it on the regular and every time I hear it, it just takes me back. Rock out in the car, rock out at a wedding, rock out EVERYWHERE. I've listened to Hot Fuss prior to their performance, but ever since the VMA’s that year of going into 10th grade- I believe they were in Miami that year. But The Killers performed. I still remember Hilary Duff presenting them. She was dating Joel Madden and I remember her saying something like “this is my boyfriend’s favorite band…the murderers”. Obviously, it was sarcasm. But totally remember and think about that all the time. I think they were performing near a pool, even? Why do I remember this so well?! So weird the things that you remember. And all the memories rush back in too. 

Anyways. As you may know. They’re on tour! So I obviously had to go. Good venue. Great company. Amazing show- I didn't want it to end! (PS. Brandon Flower's gold suit during the encore was altered in all the right places.)

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