16 Hours in Vegas

Monday, February 5, 2018

Coming in REAL hot the day after The Killers concert.

1:40am- Got home from The Killers concert
2:45am- Fell asleep
6am- Alarm goes off
6:30am- Wake up (more like jump out of bed because I was late)
7:30am- Leave for work
8:45am- Get to work (thankfully it was Friday and traffic was rather light)
12:20pm- Leave for the airport
Panic Attack about flying (no joke, tears rolling down face, heavy breathing, did not want to go. Called my mama to talk me down.)
1:05pm- Park my car at my brother's in Long Beach
Order Uber
1:35pm- Arrive at Long Beach Airport and print boarding pass (I like printed passes)
1:45pm- Get through Security and sitting at a table at Boathouse on the Bay eating coconut shrimp and drinking a double Makers Mark and Ginger Ale (because, duh.)
2:25pm- Board plane and wipe down everything around me with Purell wipes
3:55pm- Take Off

4:10pm- Land in Vegas
4:30pm- Arrive at hotel (wipe down entire room with Purell wipes) and meet up with my parents
5:30pm- Leave hotel and go to the T-Mobile Arena
8pm- George Strait Concert
11:45pm- Concert ends
12:05am- Back at hotel and eating
1:25am- Back in hotel room to pack and get ready for bed
2:45am- Go to sleep and set alarm
5:00am- Alarm goes off
5:10am- The time I actually get up
5:55am- Walk down to lobby and order uber
6:30am- Arrive at McCarran Airport
6:35am- Print boarding pass (I'm really weird because I like to have a printed boarding passes just in case)
6:50am- Get through security (fastest ever for me leaving Vegas!)
7:05am- Starbucks
People Watch all the walk of shames leaving Vegas and all the other no sleepers
8:10am- Board plane (Purell wipes... again)
8:45am- Take off
9:55am- Land back at Long Beach Airport
10:05am- Brother picks me up so I can get my car from his place
11:30am- Home to sleep!

George Strait was great. Second time seeing him. I was so tired that I had to get a coffee at the concert (decaf) but still... WTF?! Seriously the first concert (being over 21) that I never got a beer. All in all, it was a fun whirlwind. Oh ya, and boo in regards to the Superbowl. Was hoping Brady would get #6! Even George was rooting for the Pats.


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