San Fran Road Trip

Monday, April 30, 2018

It's been a while since I've been to San Francisco. It's not that far from me- about 5 hours north or so. So why has it been over 20 years since I've visited? There's something about the Bay area. It's got a cozy vibe to it. And that's what this weekend was... just pretty laid back. Well, minus the "The Hangover" movie reenactment. But it was a fun-filled weekend with some pretty cool people.

And the Dodgers happened to be in town, so naturally, we had to catch a game at AT&T Park. And that stadium is gorgeous! They also sold THE best beer... Blue Moon Mango! (Okay, maybe not the best, but it is really delicious.) Seriously, if you haven't tried it. You need to. After about 8 of those at the game (alone) it helped drown our sorrows of the loss. The older lady at the beer stand was also THE best. And you know what, there was never any heckling with us wearing Dodgers gear either. Giants fans were all very cordial and rather nice. We were sitting in the first row along the first base side, so maybe that's why... but still, we never encountered any mean fans. The rivalry may be real, but the fans were very nice.

After the game it was off to bar hop and drink some more because why not? We came across some interesting people. Semi-crashed a bachelor party. Bought more shots for the bachelor party and took more shots. But what the heck? Right? One of my Political Science professors once told me, "if you don't do stupid stuff when you're young, then you won't have any fun stories to tell when you're old." I feel like I think about this all the time. Because it's so true. You gotta live a little and have fun while you can. And that's exactly what we did. Looking at the pictures (and videos) the next morning prove it. Seriously, it was like the ending credits of The Hangover. 

Next day, after reviewing the fun we had the night before, we stopped by this amazing, little sandwich spot. Morucci's was delicious and hit the spot. Order the Italian sub- you will not regret it! Then we were off. We drove across the Golden Gate Bridge, but failed at taking THE picture. You know, the one where everyone takes a photo and the bridge is in the background. Ya, we failed at that. That will be on the list for next time.

I vaguely remember Fisherman's Wharf from when I was little. And it's not really like what I do remember. They did have really good clam chowder though. And it's weird, because I'm not a clam chowder person. The only times I've eaten it recently was when I was in Boston and in SF (because obviously). But both were so good!

The Full House house was not what I was expecting. This whole time, I always thought it was one of the Painted Ladies. Well, it's not- I feel so deceived. That's Hollywood for ya, though. But it was still pretty neat to see the house in person since I used to watch the show all the time.

Sadly, we didn't make it to Alcatraz. This is one thing I'm dying to do! But who would've thought that you have to book that tour like months and months in advanced! So next time, Alcatraz is definitely happening. Better book now for next year...


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