Miami, you have my heart

Friday, May 25, 2018

I haven't thrown a dart in awhile. Since Dallas, actually. But I've been dying to go to Miami for a long time now. So I put off another dart trip to get this Miami trip in. And I'm so glad I did. You know how when you're vacationing and you get to your final day on vacation and you're just kind of ready to be home already? Like, you're just ready to back to your normal days and back to your routine? Ya, well, that is NOT how I felt this time. I'm still not ready to be home. I wish I was still in Miami. Everyday. The weather was my favorite. Overcast, but really warm. Then it would rain randomly and then clear up. It was like me- quite unpredictable. Well, unpredictable to me at least. I'm sure the locals knew what was coming.

Big Reputation

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Coming in real hot from a week in Miami (post will be up soon!) but Taylor Swift was EVERYTHING! I'm always hesitant to go to anything at the Rose Bowl because the parking is... how should I put this... awful. You have to park on a golf course which I find extremely odd. I always do preferred parking whenever I go to a concert because my sanity is worth the price of preferred parking. I once sat in the parking lot of Qualcomm after a One Direction concert for over two hours. Never again do I do general parking after that. The long wait to get out of the parking lot always kills the concert buzz!

Anyways.. back to T Swift. This was the first time seeing her live and she did not disappoint. Huge snakes soaring up to the sky. Kobe Bryant sitting a couple sections over. Wiz Khalifa and his adorable son sitting not too far from us either. A Taylor Swift concert is definitely the place to be. And she made sure of it- she sang every song you wanted her to. The energy was electric the entire time- never did the energy let up. Charli XCX and Camila Cabello both opened for her. And they were both good. They set the mood and got the crowd ready. Taylor is also known to bring out some guests during her show. And this was no exception- she brought out Troye Sivan and Selena Gomez and of course the crowd of 60 thousand screaming fans went wild.

I just want to relive this concert all over again. PS... one of the concessions were selling "Buzz Boxes" and they were amazing! Long Island all the way. But no joke, they were delicious and the perfect adult juice box. I even got carded (*hair flip).


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