Miami, you have my heart

Friday, May 25, 2018

I haven't thrown a dart in awhile. Since Dallas, actually. But I've been dying to go to Miami for a long time now. So I put off another dart trip to get this Miami trip in. And I'm so glad I did. You know how when you're vacationing and you get to your final day on vacation and you're just kind of ready to be home already? Like, you're just ready to back to your normal days and back to your routine? Ya, well, that is NOT how I felt this time. I'm still not ready to be home. I wish I was still in Miami. Everyday. The weather was my favorite. Overcast, but really warm. Then it would rain randomly and then clear up. It was like me- quite unpredictable. Well, unpredictable to me at least. I'm sure the locals knew what was coming.

I stayed at the Fontainebleau which was amazing. Right on the beach. My room had a balcony which I could sit on and stare out to the open ocean all day long. Went to Ocean Drive, which was an experience to say the least. I really like all the Art Deco, but the scene down there is for sure a wild party one. Not like I'm complaining or anything. Espanola way was quaint and cute. I stopped by to have a drink and a bite to eat. Sat outside on the cobblestone under a tree and it starts pouring randomly. It was so perfect.

I ate a majority of my food at the hotel and it was all delicious. Pizza & Burger by Michael Mina had the best burger. And I had a beer (of course) which was the Tourist Trappe and I've been trying to find it locally. 10% alcohol- so it can hit you... (especially if you have two). After dinner, I spent the night on my balcony, with a Makers and Ginger watching the lightning storm. It was so peaceful. In sweats just listening to the rain trickle and watching the dark sky light up was so serene and I could sit there everyday and it would never get old. I miss it just thinking about it.

Next morning was gorgeous. I was told I had to go to Joe's Stone Crab and it should be on everyone's list of things to do when they're in Miami. They do have seasons, though. The regular restaurant was already closed for season, but I lucked out and the take away was still open for another week- the week I happened to be there. Perfect timing! Real CSI Miami showed up. Don't worry, there was no actual crime scene. At least I think there wasn't (I didn't see one). I then ventured to Bayside Marketplace. I wasn't too thrilled about this place. Just an outdoor mall type that sits in a harbor. But my Uber driver said they're looking to upgrade the marketplace majorly.

As we all know, I'm on a mission to go to to every MLB stadium. Marlins were in town and so were the Dodgers. So it was perfect. I ended up going to all three games. We lost two but won the finale of the three game series. It was kind of sad though. The stadium was so empty. First game, I sat in the first row along the first base side. Second game, I sat behind home plate in the DEX Diamond Club (which is so worth it! Unlimited beer, wine, food for free). Gators Tail is another local beer I'm trying to find. PS- you may have seen someone you know while watching the game. ;)

And the third game, I sat behind the Dodgers dugout. This was a day game and it was as if there was a hurricane outside! As you may know, the stadium has a retractable roof. There are windows along the back of the stadium. Looking out towards the windows, it was so dark (remember, it was like 1 pm) but it could have passed as 9pm. You can see the lightning then hear the roar of thunder- all while hearing the rain pour onto the roof. It was so awesome. And the infamous Clevelander. I went to the Clevelander after the game on Tuesday and Wednesday night. It was actually pretty cool. I felt like I was at the shore and just waiting for Pauly D to walk in. I was sipping on Miami Vices with floaters by the pool (yes, there's a pool) while I was there because...well... Miami, duh. And I think I'll be ordering those from now on. They were dangerous and I just can't stop thinking about them! Seriously!

It was raining, so naturally a photo was needed.
But backing up a bit... Wednesday during the day I just sat by the pool and relaxed. Cabana life is the way to go. The frosé was so refreshing. I could've had those all day. This was probably the best day to be by the pool, too. The weather was perfect and the sun was shining. After Wednesday's game, same routine as night before. Sat on my balcony with a cocktail (or two...) in hand watched the lightning storm all night.

Before Thursday's game I stopped by Little Havana and went to the Cigar Factory. Pretty cute down there. But I was warned to stay in the touristy spots. So naturally, I Ubered the short distance to Marlin's Park from here. Thursday night I had dinner with family who live out there. We ate at Hakkasan in the hotel. It's a Cantonese restaurant. The food was incredible. And the desserts at the bakery in the hotel were amazing. I'm a walking sweet tooth and the desserts could not be more perfect.

And now it's Friday. The day I have been dreading the most. Sitting on the beach, 9am, seriously debating about missing my flight back home because I just did not want to leave. The beach was amazing, as was the water. Had lunch at the Mediterranean restaurant by the pool for my final meal. Again, words just cannot describe. One last, freshly made chocolate and pistachio gelatto and I was saying by to a fabulous week in Miami.

I just can't stop thinking about my week there. I'm already planning my next. It's only been a few days since I've been back to reality, but I'm seriously missing it so much. If any of you are ever considering Miami- you MUST go! It has seriously become my favorite place and I cannot wait to go back. I'm counting down the days!


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