Ballpark Count Updated

Monday, June 25, 2018

I just updated my ballpark tours map to add a star on both AT&T Park in San Francisco and Marlin's Park down in the 305. Both were beautiful ballparks with their unique touches to make them one of a kind.

Also, fans at AT&T were really nice to us Dodger fans. Granted, we were first row on the first baseline. So maybe that had something to do with it. Also, AT&T had the best beer! They had Mango Blue Moon on tap. Helllllooooo? Yes, please! Although, there were three of us and we each had at least 8 beers the entire game. We were going for one an inning. Took turns on beer runs though so didn’t miss much of the game.

And then there’s Marlin’s Park. It was so sad at how empty the ballpark was. The boycott is real. It’s a really pretty stadium and the Clevelander after the game was fun too. No Marlin’s Man sighting... But Jeter wasn’t sitting too far from me.

All in all, both ballparks were very cool and I’m glad I was able to check them off. On to the next! Let’s see which one it is...
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