Game 162

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

162. Ohhh what a season it has been. Was there opening day for game 1, and here we are, at the last game of the regular season. First pitch was at noon. Second time this season at AT&T Park and it is seriously such a nice stadium. I love walking around the outfield and just seeing all of the views of the stadium (in my Dodger Blue of course). Duh. I was told the crab sandwich out in center field was a must try. And it did not disappoint. I was a little skeptic to try it, not gonna lie. But it lived up to its hype. Explored all the memorabilia which was neat from a baseball fan perspective. Went down to the vault and saw more of the more valuable and prized memorabilia. From the vault, I was actually able to walk the tunnels back to my seat. I sat in the Dugout Box right behind home plate. Great seats. Awkward at times but it was a lot of fun. And though I look like I was not amused, I swear I just have a serious case of RBF. I was very happy to be there! (See photo below. LOL)

The food area underground for the Dugout Club was just okay. I think other stadiums have way better Dugout/Lexus Clubs than AT&T. Cardinal's Club was a really good one and so was the one at Marlin's Park. And there's nothing like Dodger's Stadium Lexus Dugout Club. I may be biased, but I think a lot would agree with me. But, after all, I was there for the game and the game was great. We won 15-0. I like to think because I was there. Because, obviously. Once the game ended, it was a walk back to the hotel to kill a little time at the lobby bar while having an anxiety attack and publicly breaking down.You know, for how much I fly, I just don’t think I’ll ever be okay with it. Nor will I ever be able to accept it. 

As my trip was ending and I was sitting in the bar, I couldn’t help but reflect how much fun and how fortunate I am to be able to travel and experience these little gems. I also continue to surprise myself of how much I’m able to do on my own. Traveling solo has become normal. Something I’d never thought I’d say or feel. 

And just like that, my San Francisco redemption tour was over. It was back in an Uber and back to SFO. Security was a breeze. And I found myself among a bunch of other solo travelers sitting at a bar watching Sunday Night Football. I wonder what their stories are. Were they in town for work? Heading out of town for work? Vacation? Are they thinking the same about me? Perhaps. (Hoping they don’t notice my eyes welling up because I’m getting so nervous about the flight..) Welp. Like I said. I’ll never get used to it. And THAT is the thing I need to get used to. Cheers to more! 

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